Lemonade and Butterflies

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I wonder why I feel sad today. Maybe because I’m hungry? :/


Fall Out Boy in this weeks Kerrang!



ok but imagine harry giving teddy his invisibility cloak right before he leaves for hogwarts and telling him all about the mischief their dad’s used to get up to with it. teddy asking why he didn’t save it for james or albus or lily and harry just saying “well you’re the oldest it’s only fair” and for a second teddy forgets that he’s “just a godson” and really feels like a part of the weasley-potter family.


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so my friend got a fish

Oh. My. God.


Ain’t that the truth


So I saw this cute girl going down the street with an amazing ass. I was all “DAMN GIRL, YOU GOT AN AMAZING ASS.” She was like “thanks, there’s a sale across the block, I got him there.” Now I have a pet donkey too, he was five bucks and his name is Leopold. And he hates thunderstorms.

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honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab

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I feel tired and sad and bored. And my shins hurt.

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